Why Job Boards Will Rarely Find You the Best Candidates

Picture this:
You’ve got a mission-critical vacancy, but don’t want to pay the big bucks to a recruitment agency to find the right candidate. So you post on a job board and end up with hundreds of resumes to wade through (or worse, none at all). There never seems to be a happy medium with job boards; it’s an all-or-nothing kind of approach, isn’t it?
And that’s because job boards suffer from one big problem: they’re only showing you a portion of the available candidates out there. Job boards don’t help you source the ones that are truly a good fit for you and your company.

Job Boards Only Skim the Surface

It’s true. Job boards tend to only show you the candidates that are always there. The ones that are often unemployed (for whatever reason) and the ones that are always looking for their next opportunity. You know the type of employee we’re talking about: people that can’t commit to the job they have, are always talking about “that time they worked at [insert company name here]”, and you always catch them looking at job boards when they should be working.
Even if you do get quality candidates from your job board posting, it’s daunting going through all the responses you receive. You simply don’t have the time, energy, or resources to do that once, much less when you’re on a deadline to find someone.
Forget about asking your overworked HR rep to help you out. They’re burned out from the revolving door of low-quality candidates and employees that you’ve sourced from job boards in the past. They simply can’t keep up with it all and certainly can’t help you with your latest high-priority need.

Paid job boards aren’t the solution either

You may think that a paid job board will increase the quality of candidates, but you’re wrong again. Worse, you’ll be disappointed because you got zero candidates from the posting. Paid job boards may say they get you higher quality candidates, but they don’t guarantee any hiring results. They take your money, but won’t help you attract better candidates to your vacancy. You’re left with just more money and time wasted.

Recruiting pros are worth the cost

At this point you may have well just worked with a recruitment agency right from the start. Between time and paid job boards you’ve probably already spent the same amount, but haven’t seen the same quality of candidates as you would have with an agency. That’s because most agencies are the experts at casting a wide net to find the right candidates, sourcing people with the right skills, experience, and mindset to fill that mission critical vacancy for you.
Not only that, a professional recruiting agency is persuasive enough to convince strong candidates who are happy in their current jobs to apply to new jobs (like yours!). Think of headhunters who call up happy, productive employees about the chance to work at your great, new job. It’s not just for executive jobs any more; in an increasingly competitive market, companies are turning to headhunters to staff all sorts of roles in their organizations. The successful recruiters are the ones who are able to use all the tools and techniques available to them to find those candidates, regardless of the role they’re staffing.

Final Thoughts

Upper management might appreciate that you’re trying to save the company money by using job boards to fill your current vacancies, your company as a whole will appreciate it more if you work with a recruiter from the start to find the right candidates. Instead of throwing time, effort, and small amounts of money at the low-cost methods to fill your vacancies, why not work with a recruiter to source higher quality candidates that’ll be a better fit for you? Your initial costs may be higher, but you’ll save more in the long term through lower attrition, higher job satisfaction, and better office morale for everyone involved.
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