The MAJOR difference between Corporate and Agency Recruiters

When you are in the market for a new car, whose opinion do you trust and value more; the salesperson at the dealership, or independent reviews about that car from friends and other sources?  What about purchasing a house; do you trust the seller’s opinion on the value of the property, or the independent real estate agent you engaged to help you through the process? For fairly obvious reasons, it’s the latter almost 100% of the time.  So why, when it comes to hiring, do many companies buy into the notion that their internal corporate recruitment team is just as effective at attracting and hiring top talent as expert, third-party recruiters?  IT’S NOT! When a corporate recruiter comes calling, most candidates recognize that they are sitting directly on the opposite side of the table in the negotiation process with respect to that employer.  Because of this, a wall of suspicion is put up at the outset, and everything that corporate recruiter says will be heard through a filter similar to the aforementioned car salesperson, if they are even comfortable having a conversation to begin with. On the other hand, when an independent recruiter calls on that same candidate, it is much easier to establish the kind of trust and influence that is required to help that candidate explore new opportunities, navigate through the interview process and ultimately accept a job offer when it comes.  This is due in large part to the agency recruiter’s ability to position themselves as a trusted independent advisor who will put the candidate’s interests first. Because of this unavoidable difference in the ability to frame the interaction with a prospective candidate, many great placements never happen due to the lack of a trusted third party moderating the process.  The consequence is that companies NOT using expert third-party recruiters as part of their hiring strategy are missing out on many of the best candidates and putting themselves at a major disadvantage in the war for top talent. This is not to say that corporate recruiters don’t add value.  When it comes to weeding through the inflow of resumes from active and unemployed job seekers, or filling lower-skilled, commoditized positions where the supply of candidates exceeds the demand, corporate recruiters are certainly an effective resource.  But when it comes to tapping into the higher-demand, passive and hidden candidates, the most effective way to engage them is through a trusted independent expert recruiter.   When you need to hire the perfect candidate, Direqlink’s on-demand hiring platform makes it easy to tap into the largest network of qualified, independent, expert recruiters and fill ANY role on YOUR terms.  Try it for FREE today at