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Make More Placements

Eliminate barriers to entry
Winning new clients is challenging.  With so many competitors hammering employers for business, it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd and get the chance to showcase your value.  Employers use Direqlink to easily engage with agencies of all sizes to discover which ones are truly the best partners are for them.

Become a Preferred Vendor 
Employers will create preferred lists of recruiters within the portal based on the quality of submission and success rates of the agencies they have worked with.

Make more submissions 
The window of opportunity to place the best candidates is short. Having more job opportunities to offer them increases your odds of placing them. Direqlink gives you the opportunity to quickly monetize those candidates you don’t otherwise have an immediate home for.

Make More Money icon

Make More Money

Reduce Business Development Costs 
With fully qualified job orders in your specialization coming directly to your inbox, Recruiters can focus more on delivering the best candidates than spending time and money on costly business development efforts such as cold calling, sales presentations and RFP responses.

Reduce Administrative Tasks 
Direqlink provides an efficient tool for employers and recruiters to exchange information, schedule interviews, and share feedback.

Expand your business 
Direqlink covers many different industries and locations. As member Recruiters look to expand their business in different directions, Direqlink will be there to help them do it faster.

Place hot candidates faster
Employers using Direqlink are incented to process candidate submissions quickly so time delays that kill deals are greatly reduced.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Have employers cold call you 
Employers can find out about you and your company on Direqlink and reach out to you directly for your services.

Increase loyalty 
Being able to offer candidates a greater selection of job opportunities raises your profile in the candidate community and leads to greater loyalty and better referrals of other top candidates.

Recognized Performance 
Recruiters with the highest employer and candidate ratings, historical number of quality submissions, placements will rank higher in Employer searches on Direqlink.

Exclusive Membership 
Direqlink ensures that all member Recruiters are fully vetted for their qualifications and adhere to a strict code of conduct and business ethics. This exclusive membership enhances the credibility and reputation of member Recruiters in the eyes of employers.