New Technology Platform Set to Revolutionize Recruitment Industry

Toronto, Ontario –  January 2017
Canadian technology start-up, Direqlink, plans to transform the recruitment industry with a platform that gives employers the ability to hire the perfect candidate every time while giving top professional recruiters greater access to potential new clients.
Similar to the way Trivago, Amazon, and Uber have transformed the way business is done in other industries, Direqlink’s on-demand platform harnesses the deep networks and experience of a large pool of pre-screened, local, professional recruiters, enabling employers to cast a bigger net and quickly find the recruiter with the perfect candidate for that particular job at that particular time.
“There is no better way to consistently reach top talent than through a great professional recruiter,” says Ryan Atkinson, President of Direqlink.  “But trying to figure out which recruiter from the hundreds out there actually has access to the perfect candidate for any given job has been almost impossible until now.  Why limit yourself to the options from just a couple of recruiters when you can easily tap into a pool of them and cover the entire spectrum of the market?”
In addition to giving employers broader reach into the talent market, Direqlink promises employers a host of other groundbreaking benefits not previously seen before in the industry.
The tantalizing ‘name-your-own fee’ model is a game-changer.  It now affords organizations of all sizes and budgets to incorporate professional recruiters as a bigger part of their overall recruitment strategy.
Direqlink also brings a greater level of transparency and accountability to the process.  The 5-star agency rating system is an excellent way for candidates and clients to determine who they want to work with.  Additionally, it gives candidates a voice, which is long overdue.
“Improving the candidate experience is a high priority for many Human Resource departments today,” says Atkinson “Our system allows candidates to rate their experience through entire process which we can then share with the employers so they can see what is working and what can be improved.”
The founders of Direqlink believe in giving back to the communities they serve and have partnered with the Ronald McDonald House charity, a national organization that provides homes near medical facilities for seriously ill children and their families.  A percentage of every transaction will go to support this great cause.
To learn more about Direqlink, request a demo, or try the service, please contact:
Ryan Atkinson at
Work: 647-479-2882
Cell: 416-318-7926