MCAP Saves Big Time and Money on Recruiting Using Direqlink

Direqlink recently helped to streamline the recruitment efforts of MCAP, one of Canada’s largest independent mortgage finance companies, comprised of more than 800 employees and $65 Billion in mortgages under administration.
By transitioning all third-party recruitment relationships to the Direqlink platform, MCAP was able to save significant time and money and gain greater control and transparency over their entire recruitment process.
Steve Delaney, Chief Information Officer at MCAP, has been extremely happy with the results since adopting the platform. “We really like Direqlink because it delivers great candidates and gives us complete control over our recruitment costs.  We now pay a fixed fee for each role, and we decide what the fee is going to be up front” said Mr. Delaney.  “It’s a refreshing approach to an industry that has not seen much change in the pricing model over the last 30 years.”
In addition to driving greater efficiencies on the front lines of the hiring process, Direqlink has made life easier for the back-office team at MCAP by consolidating all vendor agreements, payments and guarantees under Direqlink, effectively creating a single MSA and single point of contact to track, manage and report on all third-party agency spend.
“It really is a holistic solution when it comes to hiring through third-party recruiters,” said Mr. Delaney. “Now when recruiters call to solicit our business, we simply tell them to sign up with Direqlink if they want to work with us.  It gives us the opportunity to easily try out highly specialized agencies that align with our needs on a job-by-job basis without having to go through the tedious process of negotiating separate fees and agreements with them.  It creates a win/win for everyone involved, which is why I highly recommend Direqlink.”