Free Software Apps. What's The Risk?

Free Software Apps.  What’s the Risk?
When it comes to free software apps, there is no shortage of new and sexy things to try.  It seems that every week companies are launching free new apps and platforms with the goal of getting their product into the hands of as many users as possible for free, with the hopes of ‘monetizing’ their product with that customer at some point in the future.  This is great news for businesses looking for ways to increase productivity, as it let’s them discover whether the new technology delivers the anticipated value without the risk of making a capital investment to find out.

Facebook and LinkedIn are great examples of apps that started out as free and have now become part of most of our daily lives, while also becoming profit-making machines in the process.  When they first came to the market nobody fathomed they would become the goliaths they are today.  Many people were initially concerned with privacy issues and nervous about posting their personal lives on the Internet, yet over time, they earned our trust to the point where many businesses are now happy to pay for the value and additional services these applications provide.
Certainly, not all free apps are created equal.   Perhaps the best way to sift through the clutter is to identify which ones can theoretically help your business and then give them a test run on a small scale in parallel with your existing solution to see if they truly deliver the value as promised.  By doing it this way, you have not invested either money, or jeopardized your existing process, creating a risk-free way to try the new solution.  We just did this with a free CRM tool that we put to the test against our more established CRM player that we were paying a monthly subscription fee for.  We were surprised to discover that the free tool was actually easier to use and had more features than the one we were paying for, so we made the switch and are now using the free tool exclusively.  While our new CRM provider may not see any revenue from us in the short term, there is a strong chance that as we continue to grow our business, they will have an opportunity to sell us on some additional features down the road.
Ultimately, the ability for any organization to evolve and keep pace with the rate of change is largely dependent on the ability and willingness of the executives to embrace the reality that change and evolution are continual and necessary ingredients for success in today’s business world.  I was at an HR conference a little while ago and watched 6 panelists talk about apps and HR systems.  One particular panelist really stood out and resonated with the audience when she spoke about how embracing change had accelerated her career.  She about a new applicant tracking system (ATS) she recently implemented that was cutting edge and somewhat new to the ATS space.  She went on to say that while she was confident with her decision to implement the new ATS today, she would always keep an open mind to other ATS products that might come around that could deliver even greater value.  She went on to give other examples of how her mindset of embracing change and trying new things has helped her to deliver incredible value for every company she has worked at, and she encouraged everyone to keep an open mind to trying new products.
At Direqlink, we offer a free online recruitment tool that saves organizations money, streamlines their hiring activities and helps them find better candidates.  When something this powerful can help you and it’s free, giving it a try should be an easy decision.  There is nothing to install, no contracts to sign and it won’t disrupt your current recruitment process.  Simply sign up, give it a try and start reaping the rewards immediately.
Some benefits of the platform include.

  • Tap into the largest network of passive, higher quality candidates.
  • Faster delivery of those top candidates.
  • Web-based, nothing to install.
  • Free of charge, no minimums and no contracts to sign.
  • Streamlined messaging system to connect you with all of your agencies.
  • Ability to amnesty your preferred agencies free of charge.
  • Connects with any existing ATS.
  • Gives you the ability to connect with highly specialized agencies who you might not have otherwise found or known of.
  • Ability to merge all your existing agency MSA’s into one clean agreement and centralize all invoicing, billing and payrolling needs.
  • Ability to access the system from anywhere.
  • Continual monitoring and exceptional customer service.
  • Ability to do everything yourself or utilize our ‘full service’ option.
  • Ability to set your own parameters and move to a ‘name your own fee model’.

The points mentioned above are just some of the benefits the hiring platform offers.  To find out more or to start using the platform today, please visit our website at, email or call Direqlink at (877) 412-4696.