Evaluating Recruitment Firms. Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Do you want more comprehensive access to quality candidates? For that, you’ll have to turn to the smaller recruitment agencies. Compared to larger recruitment firms, smaller shops tend to be more highly specialized in specific areas for the simple reason that they’re more focused on quality and not quantity. 

The reality is that many of these smaller firms are owner/operator firms. They are more hands-on, motivated and invested in ensuring they deliver on your needs. They may have fewer people working at their firm, and they will be more focused on ensuring they match your company with the perfect candidate. Since they may have fewer clients, they’ll have more time to navigate niche job boards and use savvy sourcing methods to find that exceptional talent that will bring their experience, knowledge, and specialized skills. 

Doesn’t a large recruitment agency do the same? The short answer is yes. Sure, a big-name recruitment firm will be able to find you a candidate that checks all your boxes. But you’ll probably spend more for the same type of service a smaller agency can deliver with more attention to detail and personalization. 

Where Does Your Recruitment Dollar Go? 

The key differentiator is overhead. With larger recruitment companies your recruitment dollar has to go far, spread out among shareholders, management, sales, admin, and so on. The truth is that very little of what you pay is invested in the recruiters on the front lines–the very recruiters who face the candidates in the market. 

In most cases, the recruiters who do the heavy lifting are those in junior roles with less experience. They’re the ones who will meet the candidates, establish relationships, create positive experiences, cultivate trust, and make matches. 

In smaller firms, on the other hand, the experienced recruiters shine. They take on the senior roles and are responsible for establishing credibility and building rosters of influential candidates. Recruiters with the most hands-on experience work in the trenches, knowing where to find candidates and where top talent is waiting to be discovered. 

Because large firms work with so many other companies to help them find the right people to fill their openings, they likely don’t have many resources left from which they can headhunt candidates. They’ll have a limited pool of talent to draw upon because they’re essentially in competition with themselves. 

Think about it. If you were a large recruitment firm and had two similar clients who have the same need for a social media manager or an HR manager, you would be competing with yourself finding candidates for both companies. You’d be fishing in the same pond and throwing back the same applicants who don’t make the cut. It would be an endless game of catch and release. 

The beauty of working with smaller recruitment companies is that you know where your dollars are going, and to who they’re going to. Fee structures are typically more flexible and transparent, and the recruiter you connect with is the one hiring for your company. 

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