Evaluating New Recruitment Partners?  Ditch the RFP and go AGILE!

In today’s business climate, disruption, evolution and change are happening faster than ever, and it seems like almost every week, better, faster, cheaper services emerge to challenge the status quo.  Most business leaders agree that the ability to stay nimble and take advantage of the latest and greatest innovations is a critical component to remaining competitive.
In light of this, why do some corporate Talent Acquisition executives still believe that the costly, time-consuming and outdated RFP process is the best way to select suitable recruitment partners when an Agile approach will produce a far greater business outcome?

The RFP process inherently has many disadvantages to an employer.  First off, RFP’s are an enormously costly and time-consuming process where the winners are often selected strictly on the quality of their proposals.  The problem is that many recruitment firms write great proposals, but they often fall woefully short when it comes to executing on the promises they make.  Handcuffing yourself to a long-term partnership based on what you read on paper makes about as much sense as marrying someone based on how they describe themselves in their online dating profile.  Isn’t it smarter to date them for a while to see how things go, and have an easy way out if things don’t go as expected?
In addition to the disadvantage of locking in to a static list of recruitment partners, employers are also often locking in on the price they will pay for those services.  While it may seem like a great idea to hammer out pricing at the outset, market rates can change rapidly based on a myriad of factors, so what seemed like a great price last month, may be totally out of whack today.
An Agile approach on the other hand, gives employers the freedom and flexibility to use different providers in different situations, easily try new ones, and continuously monitor and drive better overall performance.  It also gives them real-time control over the price they wish to pay for those services, so they can maximize the bang for their buck.

Making the leap to an Agile recruitment strategy is easy to do, thanks to the introduction of free, online tools like Direqlink.  The Direqlink platform empowers employers to efficiently manage the relationships of existing and new agency partners, and customize every transaction to ensure they hire the best resources at the lowest price every time.
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