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Save on Recruitment

Control the Process 
Every employer has their own unique priorities, process and preferences. Direqlink empowers employers to customize and control all aspects of the agency engagement process for each job order, including selecting which recruiters to invite, the method of interaction with those recruiters, the interview process and the fee.

Name your own fee 
Direqlink’s customizable flat fixed fee pricing models for both permanent and contract jobs provides cost certainty and ensures that the interests of the employer and recruiter are aligned when it comes to the candidate negotiation process.

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Better Quality. Faster.

Breadth and Depth 
Through a single, streamlined channel, Direqlink gives you access to the best candidates from an exclusive network of fully vetted, local, expert recruiters whose broad and deep networks maximize your reach into the market.

Timely submissions 
All invited agencies will receive the requirement simultaneously, creating a competitive environment that incents member agencies to engage and present their best candidates to you quickly.

Robust network of expert recruiters 
Direqlink continuously monitors the performance of our member agencies to ensure the highest quality delivery and the ability to meet the most highly sought after specializations.  Member agencies are also publicly rated for performance by member employers and candidates.

Build customized preferred lists for specific needs 
With Direqlink’s universal performance rating system, it is easy to find out which recruiters are consistently providing the best candidates within specific specializations. Creating and modifying your own customized list of preferred recruiters in the application is simple.

Candidate Experience
Candidates submitted through Direqlink are able to rate their experience of the process for both the agency and the employer. These insights hold recruiters accountable to providing a great experience and give employers feedback on their hiring process.

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Simple Streamlined Process

Manage candidate submissions with the click of a button 
Reviewing, accepting, and rejecting candidate submissions can be done with the click of a button. Direqlink’s built-in chat application provides a simple way for employers and recruiters to exchange information, schedule interviews and share feedback.

One set of terms. 
Direqlink’s flat fee pricing model and standard guarantees provides employers with both cost certainty and peace of mind that they are covered in the event that a hired candidate does not work out. Direqlink also manages candidate submission and ownership rules to ensure that quality remains high and there are no disputes around which agency obtained the right to represent a candidate.

Eliminate Annoying Sales Calls
Employers can reduce the onslaught of sales calls from recruiters by simply directing them to Direqlink for vetting and approval. Once the recruiter is approved for membership, that employer will be able to invite them to work on specific jobs on-demand as needed and eliminate unwarranted solicitations for business.

Money Back Guarantee icon

Money Back Guarantee

All hires made through Direqlink come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If the candidate does not work out within the guarantee period, you can choose to obtain a full refund or use that fee towards a new placement.