Before you buy: The 7 most important characteristics for your next HR recruiting tool

As disruption and evolution continue in the HR tech ecosystem, the area that has seen the most change is recruiting software. Probably because it’s the most visible part of the ecosystem (along with compensation), but also because it was ripe for optimization and streamlining. By eliminating all the paperwork and offering powerful resume and candidate search functionality, recruiting software makes it easier for organizations to find and hire employees. As vendors continue to add functionality to their software to attract more customers, it’s important for companies to understand their own needs and then pick the right recruiting software solution for them.             Let’s take a look at some of the functionality that’s important in recruiting software today and how it impacts your hiring workflows. Integration into your tech stack: Many of these new recruiting systems are designed as standalone systems, so if your organization already has an HR system or solution in place, you need to make sure the new one integrates easily with it. Keeping as much of your recruiting and HR management in a single portal is important as it cuts down on the amount of extra work employees have to do in their daily workday. One sign-in, one portal, one dashboard. Advanced search: Most recruiting tools let you search on keywords, however to really dive in to each candidate’s experience and skills, you’ll need advanced search capabilities that let you search wide and deep. Talent agencies have different searching needs than direct companies, so ensure your recruiting software has the right amount of advanced filters and deep search features to ensure your success (like Direqlink). Collaboration: Collaboration is a big theme in today’s working world, and it’s no different with recruiting software. Solutions that let organizations collaborate internally on hiring workflows, make it easy to share feedback and information, and keep all interested parties updated on the timeline are key. Social media integration: Social recruiting is very popular today, which makes it a critical tool to use in your recruiting efforts. We spend so much time on social media that if you’re not able to use it in your recruiting workflow, you’re missing out on a large segment of potential employees. Cross-post job postings on all of your social media channels, release targeted ads to potential employee segments, and save evergreen multimedia posts you’ll use again and again. Two-way feedback: Of course you want the hiring managers to be able to submit feedback on their candidates, but what about the candidates? Shouldn’t they be able to submit feedback too? Some platforms allow candidates to rate the agency or company that was interviewing them, giving everyone a 360 degree look at their work. Plus, it’ll let you know which agencies or channels give you the best quality candidate, so you’ll be able to target your future recruiting efforts more easily. Scalability: The more people you hire, the more challenging it’s going to be to hire new people to keep up with your growth. So your recruiting solution should be able to scale at the same rate too, letting your HR team keep pace with the growth. Inconsistent pricing: Pricing for recruiting software can be a little inconsistent with other cloud solutions, specifically if they’re charging you per hire. Each role is different, so if they’re charging you a percentage based on the annual salary of the role, each invoice will be different. That makes it hard to create your annual budget and to stick to it. You may shy away from using a recruiting software altogether, adding even more cost to each person you hire because it takes more effort and investment by your HR staff. A good recruiting solution should have consistent billing to make your life a little easier. A good recruiting software solution can help streamline your recruiting workflow, increase the quality of the candidates you see, and save you time and money in overall HR fees. But only if you choose the one that’s right for you. To see if Direqlink’s solution is right for you, contact us today to schedule a demo. We’d love to help you save time and money to find the perfect candidate.