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About Us


Direqlink is a cloud-based on-demand recruitment platform that enables employers to cast a bigger net and hire the perfect candidate by accessing the deep networks, tools and experience of a diverse cross-section of top local professional recruiters in a streamlined and cost-effective way.


Many employers are frustrated by the lack of consistency and results of their current recruitment strategy. By creating a platform that puts the focus squarely on delivery instead of sales pitches, Direqlink has eliminated many of the inefficiencies that waste so much time and money for both employers and recruiters alike. The end result is a streamlined, cost-effective way for employers to cut through the noise and find the recruiter with the perfect candidate for their current need every time.


Using Direqlink’s streamlined platform, employers select top professional recruiters from a pre-qualified preferred list and invite them to submit candidates for their open job, under one set of terms and flat fee selected by the employer. Invited recruiters will then review the job and either accept or decline the invitation to submit candidates. All aspects of the recruitment process right through the billing and guarantee management are done through the Direqlink platform, ensuring a consistent level of quality and accountability every step of the way. Our five-star rating system allows employers and agencies to view which agencies are consistently delivering quality candidates across the entire network and to rate their own experience with the agencies they engaged with after the job is filled.


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Ryan Atkinson


Ryan Atkinson has been connecting employers with great candidates since 1998, having made thousands of successful placements through the course of his career. He has run the full spectrum of the staffing industry, starting his career with a large, Canadian staffing firm where he spent nine years honing his skills as both a Recruiter and Account Manager before moving on to start his own agency in 2007. Ryan managed and grew the staffing agency he co-founded, Redwood Global, over the next seven years, earning preferred vendor status for many of Canada’s largest employers, and national recognition as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Redwood was successfully acquired in 2014 by a national staffing firm. The dedication and experience of the Redwood recruitment team was the driving force behind the company’s extraordinary growth, and was instrumental in shaping Ryan’s vision and passion to create an online platform to give employers the best possible means to hire the perfect candidate for their open jobs. A Journalism graduate from Ryerson University, although Ryan was not able to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a major newspaper reporter, he has been able to enthusiastically apply his skills to writing compelling client emails and professional bio’s about himself.

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Jordan Greenspoon


Jordan Greenspoon has had a diverse and successful career in software, staffing and sales management since 1995. After spending two years in the staffing industry at the early part of the millennium, Jordan made the leap into technology sales, eventually starting his own technology solutions company in 2006, The Multisoft Group. It was here that Jordan gained a passion for leading teams to produce fantastic software products to meet the evolving needs for clients across the US and Canada. Jordan’s combined experience in both technology and staffing brings a unique perspective that has helped to shape Direqlink’s vision of becoming the recruitment platform of choice for employers. In addition to building successful companies, Jordan has a passion for giving back to the community. He has spearheaded countless charity events for more than 10 years and led the development of Direqlink’s initiative to donate a portion of all sales to The Ronald McDonald House.

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Robert Cheszes

VP Customer Success

Robert started his career in the IT recruitment industry working for one of the leading recruitment firms in Canada where he contributed to the company's growth and transition to a large international player.
He continued his career building out a team in the jewellery industry within Sales, Marketing and Customer Success with an eye on technology to scale the enterprise.
Robert's passion for leveraging technology as a business enabler and his appreciation for building strong partnerships makes him ideally suited to his role with Direqlink.