7 Tips on How to Improve Employee Productivity

It’s no secret that employee productivity can impact your business. When your employees are getting the job done, profit margins and performance go up. And when productivity is low, so do your results. Looking to ensure the best outcome possible? Here are seven tips on how to drive employee motivation and optimize productivity: 

Provide Immediate and Continuous Feedback 
According to a recent report on employee recognition, 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing feedback and check-ins are crucial to company success. Lack of communication leads to misunderstandings, which can spiral into conflict. Negativity in the workplace is one of the leading causes of reduced productivity. It’s crucial to keep the lines of communication open, and give feedback–positive and negative–in a timely fashion. Constructive feedback promotes ongoing professional development while helping to clarify expectations. There is as much to be learned from a misstep as from a success, and talking about both will help build confidence and ultimately improve performance.

Praise Publicly 
When employees feel their work is valued, motivation and productivity increases. By praising and recognizing efforts publicly, employees feel respected and valued for their contribution. As well, when employees feel they are appreciated by management, they appreciate their leaders in return. With increased trust and respect comes loyalty, which creates a culture of intrinsic motivation to perform better.

Promote Collaboration 
Team collaboration leads to shorter decision-making cycles and simplified processes. With improved workflows and a unified vision, teams work more efficiently and more productively. By promoting a shared purpose, teams feel a collaborative boost and work together better to achieve their mutual goal. The key to improving team collaboration in the workplace is to break down workflow silos, which typically result in a lack of synergy, bottlenecks, miscommunication, and duplication of efforts. 

Provide Proper Training 
Employee output levels typically are  lower when they are unable to execute their duties efficiently due to a lack of training. Maximize strengths and minimize opportunity areas by offering the necessary training and tools your employees need to perform their jobs effectively. 

When managers don’t delegate their work, it creates a sense that they don’t trust their direct reports. Consequently, when employees perceive that they cannot be trusted, they may feel underappreciated and less motivated. Those managing people would benefit from finding creative ways to allow employees to grow and expand their capabilities. With proper delegation, not only will the leader reduce their own workload, but their people will get a boost in self-esteem, knowing they’re trusted enough to perform tasks that carry more weight. 

 Supervise and Support 
According to a recent survey on employee wellness and retention, 68% of employees would consider leaving their job if they didn’t feel supported by their supervisor. Without adequate supervision, employees may feel neglected and work below par, as they start to believe their work isn’t critical to the success of the company. Even star performers need occasional supervision and support from senior employees and push to keep them on their toes and on-track. By checking in with your employees regularly and providing guidance, you show you haven’t forgotten their valuable efforts and contribution. 

Highly committed teams are the most loyal, profitable, and productive. Improving employee engagement can be as simple as getting to know your team and meeting with them regularly. Create opportunities for authentic conversation to flow so you can discuss their motivations and ideas to improve processes. 

Engaging employees doesn’t have to be complicated. You can challenge high-potential employees with assignments that will give them the chance to improve their skill set. Organize fun but straightforward group activities such as team lunches or offsite get-togethers. Hold weekly meetings to  check in with all, and recognize top performers. 

Ultimately, the key to driving employee productivity is to motivate and boost self-esteem. At Direqlink, we believe that the first step to ensuring you have the most satisfied and productive people on your team is by hiring right. Let’s talk about recruitment solutions to help you discover the perfect candidates.