5 Strategies to Improve Candidate Experience

Just like in other areas of business, human resources has its own share of trends that come and go. But when it comes to candidate experience, being candidate-centric is here to stay. Why? It’s simple. These days more often than not, it’s the talent who picks the company as much as the reverse, and one of the factors is the candidate experience, or a candidate’s overall feel and perception of your company’s recruiting process. That is why acing candidate experience is a must of you’re hoping to attract and recruit top talent. If you’re looking for ways to improve your candidate experience, be sure to consider these five strategies.

  • Be Transparent About Your Company’s Recruiting Process

Transparency helps to set specific expectations about your recruiting process, a critical element in the overall experience. Knowing what to expect reduces stress, and eases confusion, nervousness and self-doubt, ensuring that you–the employer–will see the best version of your potential employees. So, make everything about your hiring process as clear as possible. State every step in the process, how long each step will take, and to whom they can turn if they have any questions.

  • Make Improvements to Your Career Website

Have you ever wanted to apply for a job, but couldn’t find all the information you needed? If it didn’t deter you from applying, then it definitely left you frustrated and confused. In today’s connected world you can be sure that before anyone applies for a job at your organization, regardless of level, they will search for your company’s website (or LinkedIn page). This means your company’s career site is your most important recruiting asset. Ensure that the user experience is simple and logical and that candidates can find the information they need with ease. .

  • Make Your Application Process as Easy as Possible

Typically, candidates know they will be spending some time preparing, inputting and submitted an application on your website. But if the forms are too complicated or lengthy, some applicants may quit in the middle of filling it out. That’s especially true for passive candidates and top-notch talent who are interested in the position but aren’t sure whether they want to switch jobs. When they encounter a complex or lengthy application process, they decide that it’s not worth their effort. Have you gone through the application process yourself to see whether it’s too long and how easy it is for candidates to apply? Make the process shorter and simpler by asking them only what you really need to know at the first point of contact.

  • Communication is Key

CareerBuilder reports that about 81% of job seekers say that the overall candidate experience would be greatly improved if they got continuous status updates from their potential employers. Lack of response and poor communication is probably the number one frustration during a job search because candidates feel like they’ve been left out in the dark. The solutions? Communicate with your candidates individually via email or provide status updates on social media.

  • Respect Your Candidates’ Time

Just like you’ve invested in the recruitment process, your candidates do as well. In time, and resources: researching, updating their resume, applying, traveling, and interviewing. Considering that top talent remains on the market for just 10-15 days, do your best to streamline your own process. For many organizations, the recruitment process can last 2 or 3 months, which may be too long to capture those in-demand candidates. In a candidate-driven talent market, candidates are desirous of timely communication and a briefer recruitment process. There are lots of opportunities out there– the more time it takes you, the more offers they will encounter.

There are definite, far-reaching benefits that come from a positive candidate experience, regardless of which candidate you hire or how you found them. The impression you give and the reputation you create when a potential employee has a positive experience with your recruitment process, means they will refer others to your company, consider reapplying in the future, and ultimately contribute to your brand and reputation.

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